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Your support helps support critical dialogue and learning on Navajo culture, activism, research, and ideas that impact our people. We work to bring local community symposiums and Navajo Nation wide conferences about Navajo Studies.


Become a member by joining us at our next Diné Studies Conference scheduled for October 25-27, 2018 at Diné College. Register at Diné Studies Conference.

Membership Benefits

  • The cornerstone of membership is the participation in the Diné Studies Conference or our symposium, which is often packed with thought-provoking, memorable seminars, presentations, arts, and dialogue.
  • The conference and symposium provides experts, intellects, and practitioners an opportunity to display and discuss their research, analysis, and debate.
  • Participants' gain knowledge of concepts and ideas applicable to Navajo life and leave the conference with a better understanding of Navajo life in government, business, culture, language, and philosophy.
  • Other benefits include access to reasonably-priced Navajo Studies documents, reports, and posters.
  • Network with Navajo professionals and practitioners in various disciplines.
  • Gain access to reasonably-priced Navajo Studies documents, reports, and posters.


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