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21st Diné Studies Conference

October 25-27, 2018

Diné College, Tsaile, Arizona

150 Years Later: Acting and Advocating to Empower Our Own Researchers and Healers and Visionaries and Thinkers and Planners and Leaders and Scientists and…
Neeznádiin dóo’ąą ashdladiin nááhaigo: Nihidine’é nida’ałkaahígíí, nahałáhí, dahaniihii dóó nitsékeesii dóó naha’áii dóó éé’deitįįhii,  doozhóódgóó ba’ahódlí dóó ílį́įgo hiilna’

The Diné Studies Conference, Inc. Board of Directors proudly announces our conference in partnership with Diné College.  The 21st Diné Studies Conference theme is to recognize the history of the Navajo Nation since the Treaty of 1868. We will accept proposals that focus on issues related to the theme in all subject and topic areas. We are also seeking proposals that focus specifically on the History and Future of the Navajo Nation: 150 years after the Treaty of 1868.  Proposals for sessions delivered in Diné bizaad are highly recommended.

We encourage Navajo people, and our allies, who act, advocate, and empower the development and growth of researchers, healers, visionaries, thinkers, planners, leaders, scientists, and many other individuals who are working to sustain, regenerate, revitalize, and build Navajo communities.  We encourage proposals from youth, young adults, adults, elders, students, community members, cultural knowledge experts, medicine men and women, academics, educators, professionals, government officials, artists, activists, and others. 

Call for proposals

Proposals for individual papers, roundtables, panel presentations, interactive sessions, and cultural sharing are now being accepted for the 21st Diné Studies Conference, which will be held at Diné College in Tsaile, Arizona.

Submissions are due by July 16, 2018. Email to dine.studies@gmail.com. Notification of proposal acceptance will be August 1, 2018. Submissions must include the following:

Cover Page:

  • Primary Presenter’s Name
  • Tribal and Organizational Affiliation
  • Contact Information (Mailing Address and Email)
  • Other Presenters Names and Tribal/Organizational Affiliation

Presentation Information:

  • Presentation Title
  • Presentation Abstract (200-300 words)
  • Format of the Proposed Session (Format: Individual paper, round-table, panel, film, poetry reading, storytelling, interactive facilitated discussion, or poster.  Other formats not listed here will also be considered.)
  • Area of Focus (Based on Conference Theme)
  • Requested Technology (projector and/or screen. You must provide your own laptop and Video Graphics Array (VGA) connector.)

Note: All presentations will be video recorded and used in the development of a documentary on the 150 Year celebration of the Navajo Treaty of 1868.  All sessions are 90 minutes. Individual proposals will be grouped into a panel with similar subject or topic area.


Register here

The registration is now open. The registration costs are:

Regular Registration (Oct 25-27):

  • $100 General Public 
  • $ 50 Student 
  • $ 30 Senior

Daily Registration (1 day only)

  • $ 75 General Public
  • $35 Student
  • $20 Senior

Banquet Ticket (Oct 27)

  • $20 General, Seniors, Students

Vendor Space

  • $ 50 Vendor Space (Oct 26-27)
  • $ 26 Full Meal Ticket (Oct 26-27)
  • $ 13 Half Meal Ticket (1 day only)

Register here at Eventbee (you will be directed to another website). If you have any questions or need additional accommodations, please email us at dine.studies@gmail.com.