Art: Jaycee Beyale | Design: -

Art: Jaycee Beyale | Design: -

2015 NSC

Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ


Excellence in Diné Studies
Jennifer Denetdale, James Faris, Wesley Thomas

Community Service & Leadership
Eastern Navajo Diné Against Uranium Mining (ENDAUM), Diabetes Wellness Project, Diné Citizens Against Ruining our Environment (Diné CARE), & Miss Navajo Council

Navajo Innovation in Practice
Diné Policy Institute, Mark Sorenson (STAR School), & Manny Wheeler (Navajo Nation Museum)

Navajo Language Leadership
Louise Benally & Native Innovation, Inc.


Language revitalization

Speaker(s)/Panel Participants

DinÉ perspectives

Lloyd L. Lee
Associate Professor of Native American Studies, University of New Mexico

Treaty Applications

Title, Organization

2014 Navajo Politics Reflection

Title, Organization

Adequate Healthcare for Transgender Women

Speakers/Panel Participants

Navajo Gender Analysis

Andy Nez
Title, Organization

Jennifer Denetdale
Title, Organization

Kim Marshall
Title, Organization

Culturally Relevant Approaches in Health and Wellness

Ayn Whyte & Savannah Gene - Ida Yellowman - Kathryn Dziekan & Douglas Main

native American Student Experiences and academic Engagement

Homer Hubbell
Navajo Studies Conference, Inc.


Credits – 20th NSC DVD

Geneva Becenti, Video Recorder • Andy Nez, Video Recorder • Stephanos Nez, Video Recorder • Joelynn Ashley, NAU Applied Indigenous Studies • Kathleen Frank, NAU Native American Cultural Center • Joe Martin, NAU Native American Cultural Center • Manley Begay, NAU Applied Indigenous Studies

Pre-Conference Instructors:

Audra Platero • Kathlyn McCray • Jennie DeGroat • Lorraine Manavi • Carmelita Lee • Lloyd Lee • Yolynda Begay • Bidtah Becker • Paul Spruhan • Stanley Pollack • Melanie Yazzie • Duane Chili Yazzie • Moroni Benally • Janene Yazzie • Trudy Jackson • Mattee Jim • Michelle Enfield • Irene Vernon • Andy Nez • Jennifer Denetdale • Kim Marshall • Kathryn Dziekan & Douglas Main • Ayn Whyte & Savannah Gene • Ida Yellowman • Homer Hubbell • Jim Sayers • Franklin Sage • Kaitlyn Haskie • Bethaney Hale • Tahnibah Begay • Lynette Hardy • Wade Campbell

2015 NSCI Board members

Tiffany S. Lee, President; Melanie K. Yazzie, Vice-President; Bidtah Becker, Treasurer; Wendy Greyeyes, Secretary; Tina Deschenie; Homer Hubbell; Lloyd Lee; Pam Malone; Mary Alice Tsosie

Film Editor/Media Website: Angelo Baca

“This project was supported by a grant from the Education Research Service Projects Program of the American Educational Research Association.”